At 3Q Equestrian Centre, we have taught riders for over the past 10 years. With our experience National riders Quzier Ambak, Qabil Ambak and Quzandria Nur who has been riding for the country and winning numerous medals for Malaysia, giving them more understanding of horses and riders. Finding ways to bring out the full potential of each student and each horse is a talent that takes time to develop, At 3Q we are devoted to this pursuit. Our students are normaly riders who have enough riding experience and who are interested to advance at a higher competition level and have goals in winning medals.

The training program at 3Q includes training tailored to each horse’s requirements, performance level and the goals of its owner and rider. Twenty-four hour security, with international standard facilities and well kept stables are just the start. You can have complete confidence that your horse will receive the best possible training by a very experienced and caring horsemen.